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Pat Mullins padric at
Mon Mar 8 22:29:05 PST 1999

>>The connotations I have for "warlord" is "vicious petty dicator
>>usurping control over a region of a country".  The examples that
>>come to mind are China in the 1920s and Somalia in the 1980s and 1990s.
>>Daniel de Lincolia

>If every person in the SCA was as well read and informed as you, I could 
>see how using the term warlord might be a problem.  
>Hmmmm...wonder if we took a survey of SCAers and/or mundanes, how many 
>would know anything about the examples you refer's just a 
>thought. :)  And I'm most definitely not volunteering to take on such a 

I, for one, was just about to mention Somalia when I saw that Danial had beat me to it.

Lord Padric OMullan

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