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Pat Mullins padric at
Mon Mar 8 22:39:23 PST 1999

>Charles I think that the point isthat not alot of people like the ieda of the
>title Warden. I know I would rather be called a champion,warlord,defender or
>even CAVALIER        ( being a rapier fighter) . 

It seems to me that the commentary has been about even, for and against. Personally, I like the title of "Warden". Although I would certainly consider other suggestions, I haven't yet seen any I like better. Surely we can use something more original than champion,warlord,defender etc.
> I also think that we should not have the same title for the heavy ,light,
>bardic A&S,archery ect winners. 

I certainly agree that we could use different titles for different champions. Ld. Pieter, what other titles would you suggest? (Well, you suggested it)

Lord Padric OMullan, Shadowlands

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