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Pat Mullins padric at
Mon Mar 8 22:48:20 PST 1999

On Mon,  8 Mar 99 18:41:13 -0600 eric mauer <eric.mauer-next at> wrote:
>Charles MacKinnon and Pieter provide the following example
>of the Southern Region working together:
>"True, but is it the title itself that lends it respect, or the effort
> required to earn it?"
>"Then why if the title means so little are you pushing so hard for a Scot  
>title? I mean besides the fact that you are a Scot and you would like it your  
>As near as I can tell, we have heard from 3 people on the subject of a
>title for the regional champion(2). 2 like "Warden", 1 doesn't. I see no  
>reason for sniping. If you're going to comment, all that's needed
>is a) your opinion, b) a reason, and c) an alternative, if you have one.  
>Spare us the nasty comments, or at least take them private.
>I like "Warden", at least for the heavy champion. It sounds medieval, and no  
>other position is using it.
>Alaric Styrr,
>called TuhTahl

Lord Padric

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