SR - Best laid War plans

Lady Simone margiejr at
Tue Mar 9 07:09:04 PST 1999

Gilli I will let Tallon know As soon As I get to war. I am glad he two of
you made it home ok.  What is needed to make the arrows duncan and I may
have the money to attempt to replace some of them


>Greetings all,
>It is with deep regret that I must inform everyone that HL Darcy and I
>make it to war this year after all.
>We were on our way, going down 281 heading to San Antonio to pick up a
>passenger.  After passing Marble Falls I asked Darcy,"Do you smell
>something?"  "Yea, it just started."  "Smells, like transmission fluid."
>After awhile I looked out the side window.  Dark smoke was billowing out
>from the car like a jet with a damage engine.  The stuff was soon every
>where.  The cabin of the Suburban filled with smoke and we could hardly
>breath.  I finally got stopped and smoke was every where.
>A kind man stopped to be of assistance.  He had come through our smoke and
>had though it fog till he smelled the burnt transmission fluid.
>We were rescued by Lord James and Lord Padruig, both of our shire.  We're
>home now.  We're OK.  However, the Suburban, trailor, arrow factory, 1,000
>arrows and $400 worth of food for the kitchen aren't.  They're still
>along side the road where they bit the dust.  Recovery opperations will
>start tomorrow.  But that's about it for us and this year's war for us.
>Our most profound apologies to all those who were expecting us to be there.
>For those of you who have not left yet, this shouldn't be too big of a
>problem.  But for those who have already left, it may be.  I have left word
>of our plight at the home of Sir John (the Autocrat).  If you happen to be
>luckier than we were and manage to make it to the war, please pass the word
>to HL Louise or Lord Talon.
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