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<< > I also think that we should not have the same title for the heavy ,light,
 >bardic A&S,archery ect winners. 
 I certainly agree that we could use different titles for different champions.
Ld. Pieter, what other titles would you suggest? (Well, you suggested it)
 Lord Padric OMullan, Shadowlands

A&S : perhaps MUSE <sp>  as in greek 
Bardic: Siren  as in those lovely things that lore sailors with thier song
Archery:  dunno much about that .. um.. Bowman, or Woodsman, Hunter, perhaps
Rapier: Duelest,Cavalier,Buckeneer<sp>or Courtier
Heavy: Warrior,General,Capitan,Swordsman

Any of those to your liking?
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