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> A&S : perhaps MUSE <sp>  as in greek

"Muse".  The Muses were nine in number, as I recall, and were demigods
at least.  I think that presumptuous.

> Bardic: Siren  as in those lovely things that lore sailors with thier song

Period connotations: Luring them to steer their ships into the rocks
to be smashed and drowned.  Sirens were Bad Stuff.

Modern connotations: loud obnoxious alarms.

> Captain

I like the "Captain" idea, because there were captains in period.
I can imagine "Captain of Archers" or "Captain of Soldiers".  I'd
prefer if the title wasn't just an honorific without duties (though
certainly there were enough of those in period), but if they had
actual duties of being a captain.

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