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Wed Mar 10 08:28:50 PST 1999

There souldn't be a big problem for the archers. All the archers should have at least a dozen of there own arrows and they should have taken them with them to the war. I agree with Gilli that we busted our asses at several work parties and they were announced in the Black Star when they were held and no one other than Plachoia from Ravens Fort and Gwyddnno from Tempio/Middleford and  a few from Middleford who went and made arrows. No one else from the Kingdom ever came down to help but when the arrows couldn't get there because of someone who broke down on the way to the war, Was so worried about THE ARROWS GETTING THERE!!! looks really bad on there part. If archers didn't bring there arrows to war that's there tuff luck. So we have less arrows big deal it's only a game. Fun game but game none the less.
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