SR - Archers of Ansteorra (Rant and Rave)

Bob Dewart gilli at
Sun Mar 14 18:38:31 PST 1999

Greetings all,

I hope that every one has made it back from the war and has mangaed to find
warm dry accomadations.

I also believe that each and every Ansteorran archer should get down on
their knees and give thanks to God for the rain that saved them the most
sever beating in our history!!  How many of you would be archers went to the
war with empty quivers, thinking of filling them from the goodness of two
for three mass arrow makers??  If you didn't go with your quivers full of
YOUR OWN arrows, you are so wrong.

To the best of my knowledge the three big arrow providers for the Kingdom
the last couple of years have been: Ld Wayne of the Heights with about 500
(Wayne has moved out of Kingdom, while he was at the war, I don't know if he
brought his arrows.),
HL Agnar for about 1,000, and myself for about 1,000.

HL Agnar didn't make it to the war and my arrow, most of which were
unfinished didn't get there till late.  Folks that's about 2500 arrows that
folks were counting on that didn't or almost didn't make it to the war.

Boy, was I ticked off that folks were going crazy to get my arrows out to
the war after the car broke down.  Folks who can't stand archery and have
NEVER been to an arrow making party were more than willing to try to get the
arrows there.  I was so up set that I even lined up buyers for my equipment.
Who, BTW can still buy the stuff if they want to, I'll get more.

Some folks say, "I don't know hopw to make arrows."  HORSE PUCKY.

The only thing stopping folks from making combat arrows is air and ambition.
There's a Kingdom Archery marshal, regional archery marshals and most groups
have one too.  Call one of these folks or take your parts to an arrow making
party and learn.

I've been accused of using my efforts to try to buy a peerage, whatever.
But by GOD no one is going to be able to say we didn't have enough arrows
for the war because *I* didn't try.

I'll make a deal with you.  I'll finish my armor for next year if you all
make some arrows.

Please excuse the steam.


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