SR - Southern Champions: Site Comments and Suggested Discussion

Martin, Brian bmartin at
Mon Mar 15 06:53:59 PST 1999

On Thu, 4 Mar 1999 21:10:10 -0600 "Eirik" <eirik at> writes:
>How about the Burnet fairgrounds that were used for the Society 20th 
Already looking into it.



Personally, I don't care for the Burnett site. Its about as mundane as a
site can be (with the possible exception of the Steppes Warlord site).
Surely there are better places that we could use. Crown is coming up in
about a month and the site is very nice. Perhaps we could evaluate that site
for possible use for the proposed event.

Speaking of Crown; how about a regional discussion about the proposed
champions event at Crown? It would certainly give people from across the
region a chance to talk about the event off line.

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