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Martin, Brian bmartin at
Tue Mar 16 08:41:08 PST 1999

I think Crown is too soon.  There isn't enough time for every group to let
their members know about the meeting and what's being discussed.  An 
announcment should be published in each local newsletter.  Maybe a Notes 
and Challenges in the Blackstar, so more people will get the word.  Bryn 
Gwlad won't have a business meeting until the week of Crown and that's very 
short notice.  The biggest complaint about the Principality issue was lack
notice to those off-line.  I would hate to see that mistake repeated.



In the event that we decide that Crown is not the best place to hold the
meeting, are there any suggestions for other events? I know that there are a
few events in the region following Crown, but
I don't remember when and where, and I didn't see anything on the on line


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