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Tue Mar 16 15:26:18 PST 1999

Sosha wrote:
> What's wrong with Warlord?

The Oxford English Dictionary's earliest citation in English is 1856.
The entry also has "Often used to render Kriegsherr as a title of the
German Emperor", so it may be presumptuous too.

> Does the victor get style points for documentation on a name for
> "Winner"?

No, but we do.  Why not look at other possibilities that are actually
in the SCA period?

> It will still conjure up the image of a strong armed wo/man who
> defeated all in combat.

I've already mentioned the connotations I have, of a brutal tribal or
regional dictator in modern times.  Certainly the OED definitions, all
involving a military commander, has little connection to someone who
stood alone and defeated other people in one-on-one combat.  "Warlord"
would make far more sense for an army commander (though I'd still
oppose it on the grounds that steam engines are closer to period than

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