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Tim Lozos timden at
Wed Mar 17 05:58:47 PST 1999

>Mirrim (mirrim at posted:
>>Looking in March's Black Star, the next events in the region in 
>>May. One is at Tempio and one is at Raven's Fort.
>My suggestion is the Raven's Fort event would be best for the discussion.

>If we can get the Raven's Fort folks to agree to have the discussion
>there, we can let everyone know in plenty of time. 


The Steward of "A Day in the Manor" is Ldy Kezia (vis_pfg at I'm
sure she would like to hear any plans for a meeting at Ravens fort. Not that
it wouldnt hurt the attendence any......

Other than that, I could bring it up at Officers meeting (March 18th) and
then at Populace (April 1st).

*Please* remember, that Raven's fort as a group is not very net-connected.
What takes my good friends around Bryn Gwlad a few days to work up over the
net would take us a month.......1 Populace meeting to float the idea, 1
Officers meeting to hash out the tough stuff, and 1 populace meeting to yeah
or nay the whole thing.......

....and thats at a minumum

....but I luv'em!

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