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Wed Mar 17 08:23:15 PST 1999

Hello, It's Yoshi here,
     I will bring it up at our officers meeting. With Ld. Timo's Help we
should get the O.K. that evening of the 18th. I see no problem having a
discussion at the event. With no fighting that means more input from the
fighters that attend! Not that the known world revolves around the field of
honor but it is a discussion of a "Champions regional tourney"
      Some may think us a "net lost barony" just because we don't sit in
front of our monitors all night typing replies to messages sent. Unless We
need to say some thing we usually don't speak out. When I do it is because I
need to.
I've read the list of messages on the Champion issue and will bring it up at
the officers meeting  on the 18th.

     B.T.W. no matter what all may say about H.L. Gilli and his arrows he
and his lady's safety sould have been the issue not the fact his arrows were
not in route, but that is just my opinion.

Yoshi  :)

    -----Original Message-----
>The Steward of "A Day in the Manor" is Ldy Kezia (vis_pfg at
>sure she would like to hear any plans for a meeting at Ravens fort. Not
>it wouldnt hurt the attendence any......
>Other than that, I could bring it up at Officers meeting (March 18th) and
>then at Populace (April 1st).
>*Please* remember, that Raven's fort as a group is not very net-connected.
>What takes my good friends around Bryn Gwlad a few days to work up over the
>net would take us a month.......1 Populace meeting to float the idea, 1
>Officers meeting to hash out the tough stuff, and 1 populace meeting to
>or nay the whole thing.......
>....and thats at a minumum
>....but I luv'em!
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