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Martin, Brian bmartin at
Wed Mar 17 08:47:51 PST 1999

My suggestion is the Raven's Fort event would be best for the discussion.
 And I say that mainly because my Black Star has disappeared, and none of
the other publications show an event in Tempio. Although  having the
discussion at Crown is a good idea, I firmly believe that it is too soon,
and not everyone will be notified and able to comment. 

If we can get the Raven's Fort folks to agree to have the discussion
there, we can let everyone know in plenty of time. 

>We probably should decide soon which event so we can get the word >out.

How about Raven's Fort?


Since response to my suggestion of having the event discussion at Crown has
been against, I'm happy to withdraw that suggestion in favor of Raven's
Fort, or another suitable event. 

So how about it? Raven's Fort? Tempio?

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