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Martin, Brian bmartin at
Wed Mar 17 08:58:28 PST 1999

Mirrim Stated:

I agree that the purpose shouldn't be to plan the event.  But I think it is
a good 
idea to see if the rest of the region wants to have this type of event and
what they want to call the winners.  Is there much equestrian in our region?
not, do we want to have a competition for that?  If we want the chivalric
to be the regional warlord and work with troops for GW, are we limiting the 
tourney to fighters within the region?  Or can anyone enter and the highest 
placing person from the region will be the warlord, or maybe we'll have a 
warlord from outside our region (I dislike this idea).  I think these are
all valid 
questions that should be discussed by a larger group.  


I understand Isobel's concerns, but agree with Mirrim that we need a kick
off meeting to determine a few things. Once those things are determined
(like, does the region even want to do the event) a select committee can
then get on with creating the event.

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