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Donal & Sosha catsden at
Thu Mar 18 18:40:09 PST 1999

I have been reading the postings on what would be done at regional
events and where a discussion group should be held for the general
planning of the Regional Warlord event.  I am going to make a few
statements, that should help clear up any misconceptions for any
Autocrats or would-be Autocrats for the Southern Region.
I repeat that all I need for a regional event, for the Southern region
to be held, is the names of the Autocrat(s), the groups who will be
willing to sponsor and help as co-Autocrats and a date you wish for me
to send to the Kingdom.
I will then take bid(s) for who will actually be Autocrating the SR
Discussion groups are a GOOD THING, but an Autocrat does NOT need to
be ruled by the masses.  They can choose to accept suggestions
presented to them, hopefully very politely, by either individuals or
by a group.
I suggest that those who wish to Autocrat talk to ALL of the local
Seneschal's in the region and have them poll their populace for an
idea on what the Region would like to possibly see happen at these
Sosha Lyon's O"Rourke
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