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> What I actually had in mind was a position where the holder - whatever
> the position is called - is actually in charge of this region's troops
> at the war.  Other regions have such positions, and I believe this
> region would benefit from having an offical war leader.
> Is that what is envisioned for the regional 'champion,' or is that
> position just ceremonial?
>     Tomonaga

For Ld Tomonaga and anyone else out there who is confused about SR Warlord, here
is your answer.....

Back when this thread was mulling in its 'regional champions' vein I had no
problem with it (emphasis on 's') nor had I any reason to respond.  It's a great
idea.  One big event sponsored by the region to select worthy champions and
promote a united front.  It's about time.  The Northern Region been doing so for
years.  They are exemplar in unity and actually have an event which promotes
just that, i.e. 'The Northern Regional Tribute'.  They are miles ahead of us,
but, in defense, we've only been a 'region' for few years.

The thread has, however, begun to evolve into a area that will end in
embarrassment for some fine folks and the Region if it continues without some
guidance. Such is my place to do so.  The other SR championships are not my
concern here.  This is about Southern Regional Warlord.  My response touches on
numerous postings to the SR list.  It's important that the region and the people
of this list hear it from me.

First, I am Southern Regional Warlord.  Nothing gets planned without me.  Sorry
to be so blunt and haughty but at my back stands the Crown.  I've had the
appointment for a month.  Any plans made without my involvement diminishes my
ability to organize and make something useful of the position and also
diminishes the authority of a decision made by the standing Crown. That second
one makes me angry.  I was appointed the task by HRM Sir Gunthar and I made a
solemn promise to him to lead and to organize to the best of my ability.  In my
eyes, I'm not the best person for such an honor, but a wise servant never
questions a King.

Second, this year's 'SR Warlord' competition, selection, whatever you'd like to
call it was held one month ago at Kingdom War Practice.  The competition was
announced in the Black Star and was open to any from the region who wished to be
involved.  It was promoted and organized by the standing SR Warlord, Centurion
Timo.  Turn out for the event was dismal.  Candidates who wished to be
considered for Warlord amounted to about 1/2 of a line-ruled notebook sheet.  I,
for one, saw the position far above my ability, but, thanks to Timo sticking the
page in my face and saying, 'Here, sign this,' ....well, you get the picture.
My point is, by default, the standing Warlord is responsible for the process of
selecting a new Warlord.

Third, for as long as I hold the position it will be called 'Warlord.'  Why?
Because it serves an organizational purpose within the fighting structure of
this Kingdom.  Every other region refers to their battle leader as 'Warlord.'
Our Kingdom battle leader is called 'Warlord' and it is the title to which I was
appointed.   Any change or deviation will promote unneeded confusion both on and
off the battlefield.  Confusion loses wars.  That's why we address all Captains
as 'Captain' and all Seamen as 'Seaman.'  Same goes for 'Your Majesty', 'Your
Grace' or 'M'lord.'   You don't believe me?  Just imagine you speak an obscure
dialect of Lowlands French.  Your side outnumbers the other 4-1.  Your
confidence in victory is assured.  Their side is commanded by youthful pup, a
mere Prince, yours by a battle wise King.  You are on a hill near Poitiers.

Fourth,  there is a fundamental problem with the timing for selection of the
Regional Warlord.  I can't speak for anyone previous to Ld. Timo, but for both
of us we've been handed the task almost immediately prior to Gulf War.  You may
as well elect a dead horse.  One change I hope to ensure is for the selection to
be made within 3 months AFTER Gulf War.  Should there be the need, this allows
some organization time prior to Pennsic but more importantly it allows at least
nine months of planning and organizing FOR Gulf War.  I'm lucky, my planning for
Gulf War this year had been in the works for a year.  As a result Raven's Fort
(with much thanks to Kief's squires, Duke Padruig, Confed, and Ffynnon Gath) had
35 fighters fighting under our banner and ready for the field.  During strategy
meeting last Wednesday night the estimated total strength for region was 60.
Southern Region was a formidable left flank, but our 35 fighters didn't just
appear out of loyalty in the three weeks I had as SR Warlord to prepare for Gulf
War.  Leaders need time to plan, organize, and prepare (and negotiate with
mercenaries).  With your support, a blessing from the Crown, and careful
planning on our part, we can incorporate a change that will put some time in the
hands of the Warlord.

Lastly, I don't object to an 'official' event to select a regional 'warlord.'
In fact, I welcome all the help and suggestions out there and welcome you to
Raven's Fort (should that be the decided meeting place) to discuss the plan. My
intent is to promote the region's intent and the will of it's people, not quell
it.  I also intend to solidify what 'Warlord' is about and I can't do that on my

Post, lastly.  I got cheated out of War and I'm pissed.  Giving my successor a
unified region that is ready to fight, and prepared to do so, is now my goal.  I
will sway this Region with word, with deed, or action.  Don't believe me?  I
plan on doubling Raven's Fort's numbers for next year.  What's you're group
gonna do about it?  Get on board or get out of my way.  I'm ready to fight!

David St. David, Baron Raven's Fort

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