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Wed Mar 17 08:38:24 PST 1999

D. R. Hoffpauir wrote:
> First, I am Southern Regional Warlord.  Nothing gets planned without me.  Sorry
> to be so blunt and haughty but at my back stands the Crown. 

  Excellency, may I point out that, while His Majesty has confirmed you
as the Regional Warlord, nothing gets DONE without the support of the
Region as a whole. Sorry to be equally blunt, but a leader who doesn't
work with his people leads none.
  I'm not suggesting that the populace should ignore you, but neither
should you ignore us. Let's work together on this. There has been ample
opportunity for you to get into this discussion before this, and with
much less ire and indignation.

> Second, this year's 'SR Warlord' competition, selection, whatever you'd like to
> call it was held one month ago at Kingdom War Practice.  

  And just how much notice was there that this would occur before the
fact? I've been getting the Black Star for years, and didn't see it. I
would suppose that many others in the Region didn't see it as well, or
had other commitments long before the announcement, which would explain
the lackluster turnout.

> Third, for as long as I hold the position it will be called 'Warlord.'  Why?
> Because it serves an organizational purpose within the fighting structure of
> this Kingdom.  Every other region refers to their battle leader as 'Warlord.'
> Our Kingdom battle leader is called 'Warlord' and it is the title to which I was
> appointed.   

  And you will enforce this whim on the Region, even if a majority of
our populace would prefer something else? The point of the discussion at
hand is to decide whether we wish to meekly follow everyone else, or
develop our own ideas and maybe find a better way to do things. Here in
Bryn Gwlad, we've been striving hard to do away with 'autocrat' and it's
derivatives, replacing them with more period titles that have the same
duties, such as 'steward'. Would you then argue that we should go back
to using the old, non-period titles just because some other group in the
SCA still uses them?

> Fourth,  there is a fundamental problem with the timing for selection of the
> Regional Warlord.  

  Now THAT I can agree with. Our Regional war-leader, whatever we choose
to call him/her, should have time to build up our forces and plan
strategies for the next years War. I think April or May would provide
the best time to select a war leader and give time for him to work.

> Post, lastly.  I got cheated out of War and I'm pissed.  Giving my successor a
> unified region that is ready to fight, and prepared to do so, is now my goal.  

  Excellency, do you think you're the only one here who's upset about
the events at the War? I am also angry about the situation, as are many
others, I'm sure. Let us not take out our frustrations on each other,
that will avail us naught.
  Let us instead turn our anger to action, our frustration to
resolution. Let's come up with something we can all get behind, rather
than get hung up on the decrees and demands of a few. Then the troops
and artisans of our Region can show Trimaris the might of an entire,
unified Region of Ansteorra.

> David St. David, Baron Raven's Fort
Ld Charles Mackinnon
Bryn Gwlad
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