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Gail P. Taylor gtaylor at
Wed Mar 17 15:04:31 PST 1999

David St. David, Baron Raven's Fort, wrote:
First, I am Southern Regional Warlord.  Nothing gets planned without me.  Sorry
>to be so blunt and haughty but at my back stands the Crown.  I've had the
>appointment for a month.  Any plans made without my involvement diminishes my
>ability to organize and make something useful of the position and also
>diminishes the authority of a decision made by the standing Crown. That second
>one makes me angry.  I was appointed the task by HRM Sir Gunthar and I made a
>solemn promise to him to lead and to organize to the best of my ability.  In my
>eyes, I'm not the best person for such an honor, but a wise servant never
>questions a King.

-Nothing?-  I'm going to make the assumption that this "nothing" involves the
outcome/design/whatever/ involving the heavy list.  If only that were all that is
going on with this event....  This whole idea actually began with musings about a
nifty rapier tourney...  ;)

Overall, I don't know whether we want to choose the Southern Regional Warlord at
this event.  Good thing to think about.  Probably a good idea.  Unfortunately, this
year...there's no way that it's going to come off before late Fall, if that early,
if the Warlord tourney is held in coordination with other champions lists/contests.
I'd hate to wait over a year for the event to come off, however.  As we can have
only one SR champions tourney per year, we'll have to take timing into consideration
in the future.  That, and when we have convenient 3-day weekends....

Please note that nothing has been decided about how things will work at this
point...even, finally, who y'all want to autocrat the thing...and I'm increasingly
beginning to question the sanity of the two idiots who -did- volunteer.  I've been
convinced that a meeting to decide the overall arrangement and significance of the
individual competitions would probably be good.  ...but can see this being dragged
out into two meetings...then another...than a gap for people to go to their populous
each time.  Perhaps if we accumulate the ideas that have been presented here, and
then present them at the first meeting...and unless some new, major problem or great
idea arises, see if we can get a consensus relatively early on.  If things don't
work out, we can change it the next year....

Some questions that we can deal with:

* Will only Southern Regional people be eligible to win the competitions (I vote:
* Do we want to have Warlords or the equivalent for each combat style, who will run
subsequent year's lists, and lead us at War? we want the Southern Regional
Marshallate running the lists? Or do we just want to have a group with a good
proposal to run the heavy list, and the marshal and warlord can help out...?
* Can we get the Kingdom to cooperate and give our artisan a free berth into the
artisan competition at Gulf War?
* Can our Rapier champion be one of the designated Champions at Gulf War
(hmmm...should someone compete if they know they aren't going to Gulfwar???).
* Equestrian...we don't have much going on...but will this help to spur it on
* there something similar that our champion can do, that is "special"?

* Do we want one group running the event, with concensus from at least two others,
or should we try to run it more like 20th year, where there are people from
different groups, or different groups themselves who are in charge of the various
aspects of the event. (, heavy tourney, light tourney, A&S, security,
privey patrol, archery, etc, etc).
* Who will choose which group does what, if we decide to divide things up this way?
* Who will choose the actual site?

etc etc....


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