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Wed Mar 17 13:36:13 PST 1999

Salut Cozyns,

Lyonel aisai.

Baron David, Warlord of the Southern Region, says:

>There is a fundamental problem with the timing for selection of the
>Regional Warlord.  I can't speak for anyone previous to Ld. Timo, but 
for both
>of us we've been handed the task almost immediately prior to Gulf War.  
You may
>as well elect a dead horse.  One change I hope to ensure is for the 
selection to
>be made within 3 months AFTER Gulf War.  Should there be the need, this 
>some organization time prior to Pennsic but more importantly it allows 
at least
>nine months of planning and organizing FOR Gulf War.  

I agree.  I believe Baron David should remain in this position at least 
until after GW IX.

>During strategy
>meeting last Wednesday night the estimated total strength for region 
was 60.

A valiant crew but a pitiful turn out.  We *must* do better next year. 
It isn't too early to start planning for Gulf Wars IX.  Do you have the 
time off, transportation, the necessary armor, adequate camping 
supplies?  If not, get them.  If you know someone who needs help getting 
these things, help them.

>Leaders need time to plan, organize, and prepare (and negotiate with
>mercenaries).  With your support, a blessing from the Crown, and 
>planning on our part, we can incorporate a change that will put some 
time in the
>hands of the Warlord.

I concur.  So, when and where's the next Southern Regional melee, Your 

>Lastly, I don't object to an 'official' event to select a regional 
>In fact, I welcome all the help and suggestions out there and welcome 
you to
>Raven's Fort (should that be the decided meeting place) to discuss the 
plan. My
>intent is to promote the region's intent and the will of it's people, 
not quell
>it.  I also intend to solidify what 'Warlord' is about and I can't do 
that on my
>Post, lastly.  I got cheated out of War and I'm pissed.  Giving my 
successor a
>unified region that is ready to fight, and prepared to do so, is now my 
goal.  I
>will sway this Region with word, with deed, or action.  Don't believe 
me?  I
>plan on doubling Raven's Fort's numbers for next year.  What's you're 
>gonna do about it?  Get on board or get out of my way.  I'm ready to 

Huzzah!  Let's get the recruiting drive underway immediately.  Gulf Wars 
XII is only 362 days away.

lo vostre por vos servir
Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace
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