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Wed Mar 17 14:00:15 PST 1999

His Excellency, David St. David wrote:

For Ld Tomonaga and anyone else out there who is confused about SR Warlord,
is your answer.....

The thread has, however, begun to evolve into a area that will end in
embarrassment for some fine folks and the Region if it continues without
guidance. Such is my place to do so.  The other SR championships are not my
concern here.  This is about Southern Regional Warlord.  My response touches
numerous postings to the SR list.  It's important that the region and the
of this list hear it from me.

>> I was of the opinion that we were discussing regional champions, not a
regional warlord. The champions
>> being just that; champions of the region in chivalric, rapier, and
perhaps archery and A&S. Why did
>> I then comment on "warlord" as a title earlier? To be honest, I'm trying
to figure that out myself.
>> Guess I had my head in the clouds on that one...

First, I am Southern Regional Warlord.  Nothing gets planned without me.
to be so blunt and haughty but at my back stands the Crown. <snip>

>> The bluntness is fine, cousin. :) You are the warlord and that's that. 

Third, for as long as I hold the position it will be called 'Warlord.'
>> Hmm, good point. I personally don't care for the term Warlord, but it is
in use throughout the rest of 
>> the kingdom. Perhaps if we become a principality it may a time to change
the title if people want to.

Fourth,  there is a fundamental problem with the timing for selection of the
Regional Warlord.  <snip>
>> Again, my cousin, excellent points. We need to change the time that the
warlord is chosen If we are to
>> do so, we could either throw together a tournament very soon and replace
you as warlord. That would  >> cheat you of your opportunity to do your job.
Or we cam take some time and plan a fine event in a little >> over a year
and give you the chance to lead the region. Hmm, I vote for the second
option. :)

Lastly, I don't object to an 'official' event to select a regional
In fact, I welcome all the help and suggestions out there and welcome you to
Raven's Fort (should that be the decided meeting place) to discuss the plan.
intent is to promote the region's intent and the will of it's people, not
it.  I also intend to solidify what 'Warlord' is about and I can't do that
on my

>> Given the assumption that "warlord" means a leader in battle and that
"champion" is a ceremonial post
>> such as a baronial champion, we need to decide which one we're talking

Post, lastly.  I got cheated out of War and I'm pissed.  Giving my successor
unified region that is ready to fight, and prepared to do so, is now my
goal.  I
will sway this Region with word, with deed, or action.  Don't believe me?  I
plan on doubling Raven's Fort's numbers for next year.  What's you're group
gonna do about it?  Get on board or get out of my way.  I'm ready to fight!

>> Bryn Gwlad will be there in force.  By hook or by crook, we will field a
mighty force. There can be no
>> excuses. There are no problems, only solutions.

>> Thank you, David, for you eloquent and inspirational words!

Pendaran, Bryn Gwlad

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