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Wed Mar 17 18:38:34 PST 1999

Good Lady, I must respond to your request. Ragnar was a kinsman, fellow
northman, but most of all a good friend. His works have been published
many times over the last twenty or so years, however, now they are the
property of his widow, Baroness Thordis Hakonarsdottir. Stories of his
life and accomplishments would fill a very large library were they
written down. 

I am sure that many would love to read of this unique and wonderful man,
but, he never was in favor of the Bardic College, and in fact refused to
be recognized by that group. He was called into court by the then Queen
and made a "bard second class". This after he had told her he did not
want this.  Most of us who were there found this whole thing to be rather
insulting to Ragnar. He was, and still is, the best skald ever in this
Kingdom, and in the Knowne World according to many. 

If you want stories of Ragnar, find a campfire with Bjornsborgers and old
time Ansteorrans around it and ask, you will hear more than you can

Ivar Runamagi

BTW his name is Ragnar Ulfgarsson

On Wed, 17 Mar 1999 09:05:38 -0800 "BardicFire" <bardicfire at>
>Good Gentles,
>I have had So Many requests to Post the works and a biography of 
>Master Ragnar Ulfgunnerson to the Bardic Fire that I am currently 
>working on a section of his works. I need help with the Biogrophy page 
>for the site.
>I only had the oppertunity to Meet Master Ragnar beriefly, And do not 
>fell that I knew him well enough to write a bio without your help.
>I would be grateful if members of the populace and His Barony would be 
>so Kind as to Provide Information on his life and Accomplishments with 
>in the scoicity to  be posted on the Bardic fire Website if 
>Thankyou for your help
>Lady Simone O'Dunlaing
>Ansteorran Bardic Collage Cordinator
>Bardic Fire Resorce website
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