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Dennis Grace sirlyonel at
Wed Mar 17 09:27:44 PST 1999

Salut Cozyns,

Lyonel aisai.

In response to my question, Gilli says:

>The why is very simple.  The early responses to my postings ran along 
>lines of; and these are direct quotes copied off some of the postings:
>"WITHOUT your arrows and assistance.",  "people do take care of 
>and don't rely on others.", "combat archery forces can function without
>My thought was this, " If they don't need or want them, then I don't 
need to
>make them."  

In which case, you obviously misread those responses.  They weren't 
saying, "We don't want or need your input."  They weren't saying, "We 
don't appreciate your input."  They weren't saying, "We'd rather get 
along without you." 

They *were* saying, "We *can* get along without you."  They were saying, 
"If you have so little respect for us, you don't have to involve 
yourself with us."  They were also saying, "If you feel overtaxed by the 
burden you've elected to bear, put it down.  No one will fault you for 

Those people were angry and insulted.  Your letter explicitly claimed 
that we would have gotten our butts kicked at Gulf because we had too 
few arrows, because no one (except for yourself, you were careful to 
note) puts in the time and effort to make arrows. 

Well, cozyn, you were mistaken.  We had an adequate force, superior 
strategy, approximately equal numbers on seige weaponry *and* archery 
supplies, and the indomitable spirit of Ansteorra on our side.  Failure 
was not an option.  Victory was ours.  Trimaris we could defeat.  The 
weather, unfortunately, proved a much tougher opponent.

I understand the anger of those who lashed out at you.  Not only did 
they have a year's worth of hopes dashed by inclement weather; not only 
did they suffer the wet and the cold and the mess; they came home and 
had to suffer your ugly comments, peppered as always with bits of 

How would you feel, having suffered that transmission failure that kept 
you from attending the war, if one of our fighters said, "It's just as 
well you didn't go, Gilli.  You don't fight, so you're a worthless lump 
of flesh anyway"?  Such hurtful comments serve no one, cozyn.

You have to get it through your skull, cozyn, that many serve the 
kingdom who have neither the time nor the inclination to make arrows or 
insignia.  Your comments on these subjects do not motivate, they merely 

To avoid any miscommunication here, allow me to again express my 
gratitude for the arrows Gilli and company supplied to Gulf Wars last 
year and this year.  I'm sure the arrows would have accounted for many 
deaths.  Many thanks also to Talon and the crew who helped him finish so 
many arrows at Gulf this year.  Next year our archers will darken the 

lo vostre por vos servir
Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace
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