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 I believe I have missed some messages on this thread, particularly right 
 at the start.  If these matters were decided back when this discussion 
 first began, I apologize for wasting your time and would someone please 
 tell me what the answers are?  If the point of the proposed discussion 
 is to decide answers to these questions, then would someone please say 
 that?  If these questions have never been raised before, then should 
 they be included in the proposed discussion?  And if these questions are 
 being ignored, why?
Well alot of people have ideas about the heavy champion but no one seems to
care about the light/bard/archer/A&S etc. it has been warden this and warden
that. great, call the heavy a warden but can we move on to the other tourneys?
i like cavalier or courtier what about you?
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