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Wed Mar 17 13:28:03 PST 1999

CADET1313 at wrote:
> Well alot of people have ideas about the heavy champion but no one seems to
> care about the light/bard/archer/A&S etc. it has been warden this and warden
> that. great, call the heavy a warden but can we move on to the other tourneys?
> i like cavalier or courtier what about you?

  I don't recall ever stating that we should apply the title 'warden',
or any other we dicide to use, to the heavy champion only. So far as
I've seen, you're the only one arguing for a separate title for rapier
  I'd think it easier to find one general title we could apply to all of
our Regional Champions rather than seven different ones. Let's not make
it too complicated.
  BTW- the title of 'warden' was used right up to the reign of Henry
VIII, so the arguement that it's not appropriate for late period
fighters is a bit off. I suggested the title because it implies someone
who is appointed to prepare the defenses of a region, which is something
I'd like ALL our Regional Champions to do, in their respective areas.
  If you have a better idea for a title we can use for all of our
champions, let's hear it, and see what everyone thinks of it.

Ld Charles MacKinnon
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