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Wed Mar 17 23:59:26 PST 1999

CADET1313 at wrote:
> Ok Charles lets get this VERY VERY clear. I Have given ideas for names we can
> use for the rapier winner.  I NEVER said nor started an arguement that warden
> wasn't a "period" title for the rapier champion. BUT, as has been done in Many
> a Barony the titles for the rapier champion and heavy champion is different.
> And let's not even go into the debate that the title for an artisan in almost
> never the same as he fighters OK! So, lets pull our head out of our kilt and
> move on OK?

  Maybe I'm not being explicit enough. I realize that you put forth
several ideas for a title FOR A RAPIER FIGHTER ONLY. You've made it
painfully clear, repeatedly. That doesn't seem to be what anyone else
has been talking abous thus far, but you don't care, about that, right?

>  Anyway, So where was I going with this oh ya, I think that the Titles that
> the winners get should match the form in which they compete. I think the A&S
> sould have something that has to do with the arts ( what a concept) the bards
> also should have a matching title. 7 titles IMHO are not that hard to do. It
> might even help stop some questions like ... you meet Ld Stick Swinger at an
> event and hear he is the southern regional warden. you think that is neat but
> then at the same event you bump into Lady Harper of the golden voice and she
> also says she is the warden of the southern region. Wouldn't you get a tad bit
> brain locked with that? I know I would.

  Let's see, if it was something like Chivalric Warden, Rapier Warden,
Bardic Warden, Warden Artisan, Archer Warden, etc.(or substitute
whatever title we use for warden), that would confuse you? Seems simple
enough to me.

>  This is all something that we can talk about face to face in Ravens Fort or
> where ever we hold this get together.
> I have but this to say. Never put Honors before HONOR.

If you think that's the issue, you've missed the point. 
> Ld Pieter Rausch
> Cadet to Don Jeremy

Ld Charles MacKinnon
Bryn Gwlad
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