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Wed Mar 17 20:51:05 PST 1999

Salut Cozyns,

Lyonel aisai.

When we run our regional championship, I suggest we do as we had already
tentatively planned:  try to find interesting, medieval means for choosing
our rapier, chivalric, and arts champions and give them all spiffy
ceremonial titles like "warden" or "campion" or "courtier" or somesuch.  

As for the warlord, I have to agree with Baron David on several points:

(1) He's our warlord.  He won the title fairly and has done the work we
want of a good commanding officer.  I think he deserves an opportunity to
command our forces at Gulf Wars IX.

(2) The regional championship is not the proper venue for selecting the
next warlord (about which more presently).

(3) The title "warlord" is one we're stuck with until the Crown decides to
push a title change for all five regions and the kingdom--all at once.

As to the proper venue for selecting a warlord:  it's not a terrific
opportunity for shows of individual martial skill nor of pomp and ceremony
and pageantry.  The proper venue for selection of a warlord has to
demonstrate the entrants' skills with strategy and tactics on the
individual, small group, and large group levels.  Such a selection process
is rigorous and mechanical.  The entrants should be concentrating on their
tactics, not on their own appearance or the reactions of the crowd.

There.  That should start some entertaining arguments.

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Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace
Dory Grace***The Inkwell
Austin, TX

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