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Tim Lozos timden at
Thu Mar 18 06:27:47 PST 1999


Ld. Charles wrote....

>  Excellency, may I point out that, while His Majesty has confirmed you
>as the Regional Warlord, nothing gets DONE without the support of the
>Region as a whole.

Of course. And one of the reasons HE David was chosen for the position was
that he had already raised support from within the region (AND even out of
kingdom) for the South's fighting force and Gulf war. Someone who has
managed to get Raven's Thunder, Amazons, Swein, Confed, Padruig's boys, and
some others together before he was made the Warlord deserves some support.

>> Second, this year's 'SR Warlord' competition, selection, whatever you'd
like to
>> call it was held one month ago at Kingdom War Practice.  
>  And just how much notice was there that this would occur before the
>fact? I've been getting the Black Star for years, and didn't see it.

Well, it was in there. I guess I'm at fault for having when it was, but I
couldnt figure out when else to do it. I felt it needed to be before the
War, because I did'nt need to hold the position through 2 wars.  At least he
had a bit more notice than I did last year, when I was basically told to
show up at the Commanders meeting because I was the Southern regional
warlord!  :>)

>> Third, for as long as I hold the position it will be called 'Warlord.' 

>  And you will enforce this whim on the Region, even if a majority of
>our populace would prefer something else?

Uhhhhhhh, he said "as long as *I* hold the position". It can get changed at
a later date. It'll even give folks some time to work out what they want.

>> Post, lastly.  I got cheated out of War and I'm pissed.  Giving my
successor a
>> unified region that is ready to fight, and prepared to do so, is now my
>  Excellency, do you think you're the only one here who's upset about
>the events at the War?
>  Let us instead turn our anger to action, our frustration to
>resolution. Let's come up with something we can all get behind

Uhhhhhhhhhhh, Charles? Are you listening?

To paraphrase.....

"Giving my successor a unified region ready to fight is my goal" 

That sound like someone turning his anger to action, his frustration to
resolution, and coming up with something we can all get behind....


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