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Thu Mar 18 01:05:36 PST 1999

Tim Lozos wrote:
> >> Post, lastly.  I got cheated out of War and I'm pissed.  Giving my
> successor a
> >> unified region that is ready to fight, and prepared to do so, is now my
> goal.
> >
> >  Excellency, do you think you're the only one here who's upset about
> >the events at the War?
> >  Let us instead turn our anger to action, our frustration to
> >resolution. Let's come up with something we can all get behind
> Uhhhhhhhhhhh, Charles? Are you listening?
> To paraphrase.....
> "Giving my successor a unified region ready to fight is my goal"
> That sound like someone turning his anger to action, his frustration to
> resolution, and coming up with something we can all get behind....

  Yes Timo, I am listening. Not just to a line or two, but to the whole
message. I disagree with the idea of slapping the Region until it
presents unified action, since that action just might be to slap back. I
disagree with the idea that one can stop a discussion just because he's
upset, or doesn't like where it's going. It is possible, after all to
convince people of the value of your ideas without such tactics, and
once you've pulled it off, those who follow you will be there when you
need them. The SCA is a volunteer organisation, and there's no way a
warlord, or king for that matter, can force me to follow him. There will
always be another formation in the line that would take my shield and
sword. The only way for a leader to gain my loyalty is for him to gain
my respect, and he'll not do that by saying I, or anyone else, doesn't
matter. Because for the SCA to work, we all HAVE to matter to one

Ld Charles MacKinnon
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