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>Vivat for For DSD, Southern Regional Warlord.
>Thank you David for clarifying several issues in one fell swoop.
>Please know that you have continued support of the warriors of Ffynnon
>HLady Jan

Lady Jan,

For the short time that I weilded weapons at Gulf War, there were Ffynnon
Gath fighters at my back and at my side.  During the Fort battle on
Wednesday, we had a small contingent from Fynnon Gath and Raven's Fort, not
more than 15 fighters.  All of the Raven's Fort fighters, save myself and
one other, have been fighting less than one year.

Before we took the field, collectively they came before me and arrayed
themselves on one knee, each in black with the Kingdom crest stitched upon
their tabbard, chests swelled with true pride and that strange fighter's
glint in their eye. To me they said, "M'Lord, this day we take the field
together. You are our leader and, on our oath, you will be the last among us
to leave this field."  My God!  They fought with fire!  They didn't do
everything right, but they fought above themselves, and above my expectaion.
In each battle, one won, one lost, I was the last to leave the field.

What's more, not one of them walked away without at least one kill.

A team like that, damn right I'll fight with them.

David St. David, Raven's Fort

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