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Bob Dewart gilli at
Thu Mar 18 09:45:15 PST 1999

As those of you who have visited the Kingdom Web Page or seen my ads in the
Black Star know, I am trying to gather as many verses to "The Rising of the
Star" as possible to publish in a booklet for the 20th Year Celebration.  My
enthusiam for this project was recently refired when I heard from Sir
Balthazar of Endor who composed the original verses to the song.  He has
graciously written an introduction to be published with the booklet.

I want to thank those who have sent my something in the past and to urge
anyone who knows verses to please send me a copy of them.  As this is both
an historical and a folk lore project, variations of verses are equally

If possible, please include where you first heard the verse and who composed
it if you know.

Many years ago I heard a verse about the heralds, if any one knows this one
please send it.

My computer crashed at the end of December and was down for 3 weeks, if you
sent my anything prior to that, please resend it as there were a few I had
not yet saved on to disk when the computer went down.

My thanks to everyone who contributes to this project.

HL Darcy Evaline o Lasgwm
darcy at

c/o Debbie Dewart
2402 Live Oak Dr
Copperas Cove TX 76522

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