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Thu Mar 18 12:57:48 PST 1999

Padric wrote:
<<I don't know about you, but "War Duke"(dux bellorum)sounds just
a tiny bit presumptuous.>>

Ya think?  I should have written
    A person in charge ... would have been, I think, a "captain", ...

Seriously, we have list mistresses who aren't necessarily Mistresses
(id est, companions of a peerage), Earl Marshals who aren't earls,
Knight Marshals who aren't knights, Masters/Mistress of Arts and
Sciences (officers) who aren't M/Ms.  In my personal opinion,
adding the adjective can be enough difference (and translation
into Latin, the mark of coolness, covers one's tracks nicely).

Daniel "confident that Ansteorra can distinguish a master brewer from
a Master" de Lincolia
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