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Thu Mar 18 16:12:41 PST 1999

This will be my last post on this subject to the list. I will from now on send
my replys directly to charles because i have a feeling that you all don't want
to read anymore posts slamming one another. sorry to waste the rest of your
time with this.

   Maybe I'm not being explicit enough. I realize that you put forth
 several ideas for a title FOR A RAPIER FIGHTER ONLY. You've made it
 painfully clear, repeatedly. That doesn't seem to be what anyone else
 has been talking abous thus far, but you don't care, about that, right?>>>

no i posted names for all of the forms that will be showing at the event. you
must have missed that post. ( or forgot about it) it was replied to by
someone. so i know it made it to the list.I don't just care about the rapier
tourney since i might be showing in A&S i am also interested in that. Oh and i
might be singing too.( depends on if i find a song i like or not) I have seen
many posts on the title of the heavy. I have seen nothing on the title for the
other forms before now. Most of my posts have been for all the other styles.
So before you claim to know what i do and do not care about take the time to
ask ok?
   Let's see, if it was something like Chivalric Warden, Rapier Warden,
 Bardic Warden, Warden Artisan, Archer Warden, etc.(or substitute
 whatever title we use for warden), that would confuse you? Seems simple
 enough to me.
And Bardic Warden is a period title? you are so hell bent on giving it a
period title. 

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