SR - How many stewards does it take...?

Elisabeth Zakes ezakes at
Fri Mar 19 12:21:09 PST 1999

We have had events run jointly by two or three groups before. In each
case, there was one overall steward from one of the groups, with help in
all areas being provided by people from all three. The financial mess
was all handled by one group--not necessarily the one in which the
overall steward lived--possibly with cash input from others, and a
decision as to how the potential profits would be split.

I think you're both right, Lyonel and Sosha, but you're differing on
what the words mean. A regional event can be sponsored by three groups,
allowing for a greater pool of resources and showing that more than one
groups likes the idea. It must, however, be the vision of one
person--however he arrives at it--who will coordinate the overall
effort. If he chooses, he can delegate major undertakings to lieutenants
in each of the groups in which he does not live.

Please note that my use of "he" in this message is a generic
third-person singular, and not meant to say that women can't run events.

In Service,
Aethelyan Moondragon
Bryn Gwlad

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