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Sat Mar 20 13:41:27 PST 1999

Elisabeth Zakes wrote:
> We have had events run jointly by two or three groups before. ....
>(much snippage of good material about how a regional event may be run)
> In Service,
> Aethelyan Moondragon
> Bryn Gwlad

Many, many times.  In fact, that is how the Tournament of the Nine
Worthies was always run.  A committee, which may or may not have people
from all three groups on it, would design the event.  The committee was
run by one person, the autocrat.  A representative of each group, even
if not on the comittee per se was always welcome at any committee
meeting.  Usually, the work was parcelled out according to who could
make the best use of resources.

Galen K.
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