SR - Southern Champions (?) Many questions

Eirik eirik at
Sat Mar 20 17:47:43 PST 1999

>Re-read the above..., I was trying to suggest 3 PER category.

Why not recognize bardic, equistrian, and archery champions also???

>I *have* thought about it..., I have several ideas.  For the 3, one would
be the
>winner of the competition, one selected by a panel of judges, the 3rd by
>acclamation of the populace.  That hits all the majors.  The beauty: none
>ranked higher in victory than another, nor is any of the three activities
>more that the other 2. None has a title that *seems* to carry more weight.
All 9
>are simply the winners.

This region has been very active in both archery and equistian activities.
To ignore these activities among our champions does not seem right.


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