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Sat Mar 20 18:37:19 PST 1999

I must say that I REALLY like this idea. The consept of fighting to prove
oneself worthy is a grand idea and i would love to hear more about the idea.
 I stick by my "9 Worthies" suggestion.  The tourney concept is period.  The 9
 worthies tournament hosted by Stargate was once one of the premier
 in this Kingdom.
 We need not "name" the worthies as that tournament did, but could acknowledge
 the 3 worthiest participants in Armored combat, rapier combat, and A&S.  This
 recognition as one of the "Nine Worthies of [the Southern Region]" would be
 great word fame. The respect they garner would be commensurate with their
 (prowess, behaviour, comportment....), not an arbitrary title. We could
 encourage all to heap largesse upon them, and encourage them to do as much as
 they can in the name of the [southern region].
 If it is their behaviour and prowess and personae and honor we want to
 recognize..., then we don't really need vaunted titles anyway..., do we?
 in such a tournament as I suggest would serve to "recognize" their worth
 than merely bestowing upon them some title that won't apply to the personae
 more than 40% of the entrants, anyway.  Being judged "worthy" is sufficient,
 any language.
 Kazimir Petrovich Pomeshanov >>
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