SR - How many stewards does it take...?

Bob Dewart gilli at
Sun Mar 21 10:56:04 PST 1999

Greetings all

Sir Lyonel says,
  I would contend that you are still talking about an
 essentially untested and theoretically unsound method.

The United States Army does the same thing all the time, with more *groups*,
over longer distances, with possibly far more at stake than a few dollars.

As long as the autocrat, steward, leader commander or whatever you call the
person in charge, 1) delegates responsibilities and periodically checks on
his subordinates progress / problems; 2) the subordinates that have been
deligated resposibilities know what those responsibilities are and how to
accomplish them, 3) the weather cooperates and 4) the populace attends then
the event will happen.


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