SR - How many stewards does it take...?

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Greetings all,

Research is just that, research.  Going into unknown area to find out new
things.  Developing new procedures, intergating new equipment with current
equipment.  I will be the first to admit they could do somethings better.

My point is that thier procedures and practices allow them to coordinate the
movements of hundreds of units, move millions of tons of equipment, and have
it all at a particular place at a given time with little or no faces to
faces communiction in some cases.

It's not unproven, it works.

Instructor, III Corps Battle Simulation Center, Fort Hood, TX.

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>Bob Dewart (gilli at said something that sounded like:
>>>   I would contend that you are still talking about an
>>>  essentially untested and theoretically unsound method.
>> The United States Army does the same thing all the time, with more
>> over longer distances, with possibly far more at stake than a few
>Damn. From my experience with the military from working at a research
>facility, I wouldn't use them as a good example.
>Unfortunately I admit that I've missed large portions of this
>conversation, so these may have already been listed as untested and
>unsound methods.
>As for other events that we've done recently, wasn't the 3 ring circus
>of Kein & Alisha's coronation a multi-group event? Wasn't the Academy of
>the Courtier/Courtesan a regional event where one group took the lead
>and others contributed portions?
>I know the North does this type of thing regularly. Doesn't the West do
>similar things? Isn't Ansteorran 20th being worked on by the Kingdom and
>not any one particular group?

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