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Pat Mullins padric at
Sun Mar 21 15:37:53 PST 1999

>The United States Army does the same thing all the time, with more *groups*,
>over longer distances, with possibly far more at stake than a few dollars.
>As long as the autocrat, steward, leader commander or whatever you call the
>person in charge, 1) delegates responsibilities and periodically checks on
>his subordinates progress / problems; 2) the subordinates that have been
>deligated resposibilities know what those responsibilities are and how to
>accomplish them, 3) the weather cooperates and 4) the populace attends then
>the event will happen.

There are a few differences between the Southern region and the United states Army.

1) The United States has vast resources, in money, manpower, and communications.
2) The overall commander is just that: in command. He gives orders, his subordinates obey them. Failure to obey a direct order is a court martial offense under the uniform code of military justice.
3) Failure in an endeavor may directly result in death, 
for one or more participants.
4) Members of the U.S. Army are paid, and theoretically professional. When they coordinate an activity between groups, they are just doing their jobs.

Whereas in the Southern Region of Ansteorra, SCA inc

1.1) there are definite limitations in money, time, manpower, and copmmunications. 
2.1) The overall commander (autocrat) is a volunteer, as are all his or her subordinates. The autocrat does not issue orders, only requests. Failure to obey a request results in HURT FEELINGS. 
3.1) Failure in an endeavor is VERY unlikely to result in death, except possibly for the death of the push for a southern principality. 
4.1) Everyone in the SCA is a volunteer, working on their own time and for free. Most have a job and (in some cases) a life outside the SCA. After accepting a position, they may find themselves forced to reprioritize, sometimes having to put the SCA on a back burner, at least temporarily, but unable to get anyone else to accept the position which they hold, so stuck with, and responsable for duties they are unable to perform.

As you can see, comparing a Southern Regional event to an Army exercise is ludicrous, almost as ludicrous as saying Ansteorra would have lost the War because... never mind, I won't go there.

In service to THE Dream, but not necessarily YOUR Dream,
Lord Padric OMullan, Shadowlands

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