SR - How many stewards does it take...?

Pat Mullins padric at
Sun Mar 21 16:00:09 PST 1999

<gilli at> wrote:

>Research is just that, research.  Going into unknown area to find out new
>things.  Developing new procedures, intergating new equipment with current
>My point is that thier procedures and practices allow them to coordinate 
>It's not unproven, it works.

It hasn't always worked. Desert Storm was one example. Then there's the fiasco in the Iranian desert, 1979, Korean deployment, 1950, etc.
 If we were deploying for global war, we could use their procedures and practices, but to say we can do so for a regional event is still ludicrous.

How were these practices and procedures developed? Trial and error. Before they were proven or discarded in favor of better practices and procedures, they were UNTESTED AND UNPROVEN, just as Sir Lyonel said about methods for coordinating an event. 

However, someone has said that Northern and possibly Western Regions have successfully coordinated events of this type. Gilli, why don't you forget your ridiculous analogy and say "Why don't we see which of the practices and procedures which have proven useful and effective elsewhere in the SCA will work for us"?


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