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Brent & Susan Rachel wrote:
> "Galen W. Bevel" wrote regarding another topic:
> > Many, many times.  In fact, that is how the Tournament of the Nine
> > Worthies was always run.
> Sir Galen,
> Could you provide a brief description of the origins of the 9 Worthies concept?
> I'd like our southern regional event to select "worthies," but have no hard facts
> to provide. Can you help?
> Kazimir Petrovich Pomeshanov
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A Quote from the Tournament of the 9 Worthies booklet, Worthies III:

The Nine Worthies were the nine supreme heroes of chivalric ideals,
presented in this Tournament as they are presented by Jean de Longuyon
in his Voeux du Paon as the Neuf Preux.  They represent the Old Law in
the personages of Joshua, David and Judas Macabeus; the Pagan Law in
Hector of Troy, Alexander the Great, and Julius Caesar; and the three
champions of the New Law in Arthur, Charlemagne and Godfrey de

The Nine Worthies:	Worthies I		Worthies II

Alexander	Gunthar Jonsson		Redmon Charles Ottowar
Arthur		William of Weir		Christian Richard Dupre
Caesar		Vlad Ravna Starkraven	Erik Sigridson
Charlemagne	Robyn Solarius		Rurik Ivarsson
David		Redmon Charles Ottowar	Charles Inman MacMoore
Godfrey		Richard de Chinon	Abd'al-Mahdi Jamal Ibn Hakim
Hector		Abd Al-Mahadi Jamal Ibn Hakim	Robyn Solarius
Joshua		Emrys Shaunnon		Bors of Lothian
Judas Macabeus	Bors of Lothian		Galen Edwin Kirchenbauer

The Nine Heroines:
Antigone	Mariah Angelique	Mariah Angelique
Balkis		Anne of Eyre		Brenna Montgomery
Cornelia	Constance von Nordlichwald  Gisla Volgardsdottir
Deborah		Valeria Richila Navarro	Valeria Richila Navarro
Elaine		Katrina of Iron Mountain    Camille du Boulay
Eleanor		Brianna op Orion	Jacqueline Alandra Ottowar
Eloise		Philipa Rookhaven	Aislinn
Esther		Sieglinde Syr		Anne of Eyre
Ruth		Alandra Ottowar		Rebekah Kleinspielerin

The Arts:

Fiber Arts	Vlad Ravna Starkraven	no record		
Glass/Enamel	Astrid Asgramsdottir	Hillary Rose Greenslade
Graphics	Hamlin du Soleil Levant	Virginia Llewellyn
Metalwork	Ansgar of Aachen	Johannes
Wood/Leather	Edward d'Orleans	Rurik Ivarsson
Preforming	Hossein ali Qomi	Karina des Pensees
		Karina des Pensees	Katrina of Iron Mountain
		Katrina of Iron Mountain Katrina of Iron Mountain
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