SR - How many stewards does it take...?

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Hi from Lord Talon,

HL Louise is a friend that I travel with sometimes.
She is not my wife or My lady;
Sorry,  HL Louise is around 59 years of age.

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>Salut Cozyns,
>Lyonel aisai.
>Gilli says:
>>The United States Army does the same thing all the time, with more
>>over longer distances, with possibly far more at stake than a few dollars.
>>As long as the autocrat, steward, leader commander or whatever you call
>>person in charge, 1) delegates responsibilities and periodically checks on
>>his subordinates progress / problems; 2) the subordinates that have been
>>deligated resposibilities know what those responsibilities are and how to
>>accomplish them, 3) the weather cooperates and 4) the populace attends
>>the event will happen.
>Lyonel cannot speak to this particular example, but Dennis Grace can.
>Lousy example.  The military spends money faster than most people could
>manage to burn it.  Moreover, we also lost more soldiers in operation
>Desert Storm to safety incidents than to enemy fire. Not exactly a model of
>Dennis Grace former ETC(SS) USN
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