SR - Re: ANST - Tournament of the Worthies

Pat Mullins padric at
Wed Mar 24 22:34:27 PST 1999

>And the word, "Worthy" and all concepts and ideas even remotely associated with a
>"Worthyesque" tournament seems to have become reserved.  Good Heavens...the DAMAGE our
>region could do!  Merely naming one of our obviously UNworthy rapier fighters,
>artisans, equestrians...after an historical figure who is known for his nobility and
> heretical!  Lord KNOWs that none of us are of sufficient character or
>learning to make such a comparison!  And now the barbaric conspiracy to do so, carried
>out by the by the plotting, evil, and obviously Historically Uninformed Baron Kazimir,
>has been discovered!  We are Ruined!  Gasp...choak...The SHAME!  We'll have to cancel
>the whole event and rename our region.

And we don't have to have the same names for our worthies. Might I suggest :

for Rapier:
Athos, Porthos, Aramis, D'Artagnon (Oops, thats four)

for Bardic:
Shakespeare (that's all I could think of)

for A&S:
Michealangelo, Da Vinci, Raphael, Giotto, etc

Just an idea from someone tired of reading lots of sniping, and not a lot of new ideas.


P.S. I know the three musketeers is post period, it was just an example, no need to start sniping about that too. 

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