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Thu Mar 25 05:48:01 PST 1999

Please read this if you are going to come to the Red Tape event this
weekend.  My thanks to HL Richard for this correction.

Sir Burke

>The information that Burke sent out was incorrect. UTA is still the
>location of the meeting but it is in a different building. I am now
>posting directions to where the meeting will actually be. The meeting
>will not be held in the UTA Student center! It will be held in Pickard
>Here are the directions from Interstate 20. Exit cooper and go north on
>cooper until you reach Mitchell street. Go east on Mitchell street.
>Right if you heading north, left if you heading south. The next street
>should be West Street. Go north on West street (left). Pickard Hall will
>be on your left and Parking will be on your right. There will be signs
>posted at the turns at Mitchell, west and in front of the Hall.
>All meetings will be on the first floor. We have rooms
>102,103,105,107,109,111,113,114. the schedule start time for the first
>meeting is at 9:00 and we will have to end all meetings within this
>building at 5:00 PM. Room assignments for breakout meetings will be
>assigned on site. See me for this information.
>Once again the directions given by Sir Burke are incorrect as we are
>meeting in a different place. Don't blame him he didn't know about this
>location and I only found out about it today. Share this information
>with everyone you know that is coming to this meeting.
>In service
>Richard Fairbourne

In Service to the Dream

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Kingdom Seneschal for Ansteorra
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