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Thu Mar 25 08:43:43 PST 1999

Master Ivar Runamagi, Michael A Scofield <ivarcat at>, wrote:
> Ld Charles MacKinnon, the grossly uncouth,

You appear to have read a different message than I did.  I see nothing
whatsoever exceptionable in his message.

I note that Miss Manners writes (with good cause) that rudeness is not
justified even in response to rudeness.

> >Umm, Milady, the Kingdom Seneschal mentioned it in his report 
> >printed in the March Black Star. 
> Some people have a life, and don't read the Black Star cover to
> cover. 

The purpose of the kingdom newsletter is to inform people of upcoming
things.  The only undoubted rational reason for requiring subscribing
membership of officers is so they get and read the newsletter.

If you have a beef, take it up with Sir Burke for not drawing enough
attention to it: putting it on the kingdom calendar on the inside back
cover, Notes and Challenges, boldface font, seneschal mailings
("please tell your officers about this one ...") whatever.

> If it was there,

I will assume that you merely suspect that Lord Charles was mistaken
in his memory.

> The Lady, who you implied did not read her Black Star, is in fact a
> subscribing member, she is the Chronicler for Bjornsborg.

When I was an officer, I was a subscribing member.  I rarely read the
kingdom newsletter carefully, though I should have (if for no other
reason than to find out what nefarious tyranny the Minister of
Gort-Burnishers is trying to sneak in in her letter).

In any event, implying that someone didn't read the Black Star
cover-to-cover is certainly no insult!

> You owe Lady Caitlin an apology.
> Master Ivar Runamagi

Master Ivar: in my opinion Lord Charles said nothing exceptionable,
and you owe *him* a deep apology.

Master Daniel de Lincolia
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    five e-mail addresses.  In just a few weeks, you'll have 3125 people
    demanding apologies of you!  THIS REALLY WORKS!!!"
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