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Thu Mar 25 05:58:48 PST 1999

Baron Kazimir said:

> In lieu of titles for each discipline that will, of necessity   1) be
> inappropriate for all personae cultures;  and 2)  contain titles that are
> inherently more commanding for one discipline than another (I'd love the
> title "warden" but gack at the title "cavalier." -personal
> preference)...., I suggested using the title "Worthy."  NOT the names of
> the 9 worthies of old..., but the actually word "worthy."
> In consideration of the previous debate on Southern Regional list about
> whether these "champions" ought to be selected by victory in a tournament
> or by virtue of a panel of judges, I sought to exalt both concepts, as
> well as throwing in a third, by having 3 worthies per discipline:  1 - the
> victor of the competition; 1 - the selectee of a panel who would observe
> them throughout the day and note their comportment and chivalry and honor;
>  and 1 - the winner of public acclaim, who most impressed the populace of
> the event that day.
> Those individuals would BE the 9 (or 7 or 13 or 22) Worthies of [the
> Southern Region].  Each as worthy as their companions, none regarded of
> higher worth merely as a result of a "different title" won at the
> tournament.

I really like this idea!  You could be addressed as "the Most Worthy" instead 
of "Honorable Lady" or "Centurion" or "Your Excellency".  It gives you 
something to put in front of your name which will be noticed and remembered, 
not just another championship to add to the list read out when you get a 

I think of prison wardens when I hear Wardens, and prison wardens don't 
have a very good image now.  I think Warden in period was generally 
associated with martial stuff and I don't think we need to tie our champions 
titles so closely to Gulf War to have them help the war effort.  That's the 
Southern Regional Warlord's job.  (Hi Baron David!)

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