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Gail P. Taylor gtaylor at
Wed Mar 24 17:55:52 PST 1999

*Put Tongue in Cheek*
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I dunno, Charles.  The word, "Warden" is very close to the word, "Worthy".

And the word, "Worthy" and all concepts and ideas even remotely associated with a
"Worthyesque" tournament seems to have become reserved.  Good Heavens...the DAMAGE our
region could do!  Merely naming one of our obviously UNworthy rapier fighters,
artisans, equestrians...after an historical figure who is known for his nobility and heretical!  Lord KNOWs that none of us are of sufficient character or
learning to make such a comparison!  And now the barbaric conspiracy to do so, carried
out by the by the plotting, evil, and obviously Historically Uninformed Baron Kazimir,
has been discovered!  We are Ruined!  Gasp...choak...The SHAME!  We'll have to cancel
the whole event and rename our region.

I'll have to give my scarf back now.

HL Isobel Grace Hadleigh
one-time-associate of that durned shameful Kazimir guy and Co-autocrat to the infamous

(A note for the humor impaired...I am joking.  NOt being serious.  Behaving
facetiously (sp?))

I wrote this in response to the STUFF that's going on on Ansteorra-net, regarding our
attempted hijacking and perversion of the Nine Worthies tourney.  I continue to be
amazed at the tempests that brainstorming can stir up....  ;)

(who may have even used mostly-correct grammAr in this entire post...except for the
little dot thingys that I like to put in the middle of sentences)

ldcharls at wrote:

> Brent & Susan Rachel wrote:
> > If you looked at the archives, you should also have seen that my suggestion of
> > using titles LIKE those from the "9 Worthies" went over like a lead balloon.


>   Excellency, may I point out that my original suggestion was NOT to use
> 'Warden' as the title for the heavy champion only. ..... snip

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