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Mon Mar 29 12:27:17 PST 1999

The following is a list, thoughtfully provided by Mistress Kestral, of the
banners currently in storage and available for use at ATYC (That's Ansteorran
Twentieth Year Celebration, in case you have been sick or something!). If your
group does not have a banner on this list, you will need to make/bring/send
one if you would like your group/self represented at ATYC/Coronation.

Banners available:

Shire of Emerald Keep
Shire of Middleford
Barony of the Steppes
Barony of Raven's Fort (Blazon is incorrect; Ms. Kestral say's she can fix
Shire of Blacklake
Barony of Namron
Barony of Wiesenfeuer
Barony of Bryn Gwlad 
Shire of Greywood
Barony of Northkeep
Shire of Mooneshadowe
Barony of Bonwicke
Barony of Bordermarch
Barony of Stargate
Barony of Loch Solar
hire of the Shadowlands
Barony of Eldern Hill (was taken by Baron and Baroness after Crown)

Arms of:

Willow de Wisp
Lloyd von Eaker
Joselyn Allyne Reynard
Jan w Orzeldom
Kemreth Danil
Sigmund the Wingfooted
ieglinde Syr
Elzasif  Ironhand O'Donnell
Inman MacMoore
Simonn of the Amber Isle
Theresa of the Garden
Seamus of the Cats
Dinaris the Wanderer
Marguerite de la Croix
Drusilla of Northumbira
Hector Philip Martel
Rowan Beatrice von kampfer
Mikael of Monmouthshire
Rebekka de Blonde
Karlanna of Applecross Wood
Katharina von Alyssin
Freana  (sorry no last name)
Randall (sorry no last name) These last two are in my possession; L-O-N-G
 and two that are unidentified, that are in my possession

King's War Banner
Calontir/Ansteorra War banner

If you are not on this list, please contact me about whether you will be
supplying a banner for yourself or your group. There are many banners missing
for former Crowns and various groups.

Also, would someone post this to the Southern, Coastal, Northern, and Western
lists, and tell those who are not list-enabled?

Thank you for your time and patience.

HL Mara of Rede
Decorations, ATYC

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