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> Subject: What happened at the RED TAPE Meeting
> Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 20:18:40 -0600
> From: Donal & Sosha <catsden at>

> Greetings,
>         This letter is to inform those who wish to know what went on in the
> general sessions of the Red Tape Meeting held this weekend.  It was
> basically a very long, long, long, (all day ) GOOF's meetings.
>         Starting at the beginning with Kingdom Offices:
> Chronicler; She will have a letter out to all chronicler's stating a
> new policy effective of June 1st.
> Earl Marshall; Boffer has new rules. ( I believe that they have been
> posted to the SR list) He has a couple or more new rulings for the
> fighters and the hand book as well as new forms and new cards expected
> soon.
> Rapier; will be sending out and posting the new Kingdom inspection
> list so that every one is on the same page with armor and weapon
> standards.
> Archery; also has new rules working.  This information will again be
> out soon.
> Equestrian; For some reason SR is a little short of people who do this
> particular form of SCA fun.  However this information is needed for
> those who do ride.  All demo's must be handed in to the BOD with 30
> days to spare. (this means that she must have it in her hands 30 days
> BEFORE the demo) for more information please contact Sir Henri list
> under Equestrian in the Black Star.
> Treasurer; The Kingdom is getting a new bank that is located all over
> TX and OK. Most but not all of the Year End Reports have been handed
> in.  She has already contacted those who are slightly late.  She will
> also be having her regional teach classes every quarter. (note: for
> those who are interested in being treasurer or seneschal of a group
> you need this class).
> Stock Clerk; he is working on getting all of his copies current and
> doing inventory as well.
> Chiurgen; all is well
> Historian; is looking for any old regalia; that may be sitting around
> in attics and garages so that these pieces can be displayed at TYC.
> She is also looking for weird stories on how they ended up w/ person
> or group. These stories will be written up in the booklet to be handed
> out at TYC.
> Minister of Children; Several problems were listed.  This will be a
> brief synopsis.  Most of the MC's are trained professionals, who
> volunteer even though they work with children mundanely.  Please
> handle with care and do not break them for they are fragile and very
> hard to replace.  It is OK (even strongly suggested that) for a group
> to budget moneys i.e. $20. so that the MC does not have to pay out of
> pocket costs like children's scissors and cardboard's paper.  Do not
> bully the MC into taking a child that is not potty trained, has head
> lice, or is contagious with something.  The MC's are not responsible
> for every one's children who are unattended at an event or are checked
> out of the MC area.
> Seneschal; The Kingdom is running well, but a little fine tuning is
> needed.
>         Waivers needed to be sent to Richard, the Kingdom Seneschal's
> Deputy.  They can not be signed on the back, and it is no longer like
> signing a boiler plate.
>         Calendar events how to do reminder.  When sending in the date
> request, remember to send in your three favorite dates.  Yes, they do
> have to be three different dates.  A valid Autocrats Warrant and valid
> SCA card.  These needed to be handed in 90 days, minimum, before the
> event.  A Seneschal can be substituted, if an Autocrat can not be
> found when sending in the paper work.
>         Sir Burke is in need of bids for Kingdom events, if any group(s) are
> interested.
>         There is a growing concern that Ansteorra has a very large turn over
> rate for people.    Some areas are doing really well and other are
> shrinking.  We are showing over all a flat rate growth for the
> Kingdom.  One of the easiest solutions to this was to possibly give a
> pat on the back to those who are new (or even really old  hand) and
> working their fingers to the bone.
>         Gulf wars will again be handled by Lucase next year.  Land allotment
> for next year may be different.  He is in the process of bartering
> with the Meridians for a better grouping next year.
>         Please remember the Chain of Command when there are problems.  This
> will help the work load for Their Majesties and the Kingdom
> Seneschal.
>         Last but not least, ALL regional events must now have 3 groups
> hosting the event.  This is now a kingdom ruling and is no longer up
> to the regions to be tailored to their groups.
> Lady Sosha Lyon's O'Rourke
> Southern Regional Seneschal
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